Irrigation & Landscape

We offer all levels of service for your irrigation system, from design to repairs of valves, sprinklers, and drip irrigation. The source of your water, whether it be irrigation, domestic or well, doesn't matter - we can work with it all. We install backflow devices to protect your system as required by code and permits.

Any repair need is important, both to you and to us. We will respond promptly to any service issue that may arise, including broken sprinklers, valves, lines, or a pump issue. It's not just repair, though. We are prepared to design, implement and install systems for new construction or renovation, and replace existing dysfunctional systems as well. Our irrigation system installations come with a one-year parts warranty along with a 5-year manufacturer warranty for our RainBaird products.
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We specialize in large trees and flowering shrubs providing a more mature looking landscape right from the start. We mix and vary bloom times of the perennial flowers and shrubs so your landscape changes from month to month, season to season creating a beautiful array of color throughout the year.

We focus not only on the curb appeal of your landscape but also your ability to see and appreciate its beauty from inside your residence/business. We frequently view the design from inside to help determine the location and ensuring that views are maintained. Plants are warrantied for one growing season, meaning they need to be viable coming out of dormancy the following spring.


Every project has its own set of challenges and we have seen almost all of them at one point in our career. We are visionary and can help you make your desires for your outdoor living spaces come true with lasting sustainable materials. Often we offer options to your thoughts that enhance your vision beyond what the initial concept was and create an even more rewarding experience for your daily enjoyment.

Ponds/Water Features

Water features offer a special tranquility to your landscape. The sound of running water is always soothing and allows for us to escape to a special place. We have constructed ponds of all sizes, from 500 to 20,000 gallons, waterfalls large and small, pillar fountains, and other stone water features. All are uniquely different and have a place in most all landscapes if desired.

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Hardscape & Rockeries

Hardscape elements are the backbone of your design. The sounder the installation of hardscape, the increased longevity of your outdoor living space. We understand the importance of drainage and keep this in mind throughout the planning process. To create a very individual, aesthetically appealing, finished product based on your desires, we utilize our years of experience along with a large variety of natural products. This is where our expertise really shines.

Whether you are looking for natural stone retaining walls, fire pits, or just steps and pathways, we've got you covered.


We offer winterization services, or “blow out” of your irrigation systems, from small residential to large commercial and even orchards. Domestic source water winterization needs to be done so that the source integrity is not compromised. Being able to isolate your system from the source during and after a blow out is key to keeping your system from being re-contaminated. We have a large following of customers that we conduct this service for annually.